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Arguably the most successful and most translated gag strip ever, record albums had been sold by the time of Schulz’s death in 2000, and into the 21st century Schulz’s estate continued to earn tens of millions of dollars a year in syndication and merchandising fees....

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but exentricity (and even craziness french people often say "ils sont fous ces américains ! " but in a friendly way) is sometimes percieved like a defect( I'm not sure about the word ) because we often hear that some americain do crazy things with their dogs for example ( they treat them like babies, or human beings), but we also often hear that americans are ready to sue somebody for anything and many other things that may let us think that americans are somewhat crazy....

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­ ­You probably have seen or read news stories about fascinating ancient artifacts....

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This is no glancing matter; it is actually a serious problem. ...

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He was red as red can be as Julie watched and giggled. He was dressed in panties and felt the first wave of humiliation as his new life, the life he had begged Damon to give him, had begun....

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And that’s just some of what we do before you’ve finished breakfast. ...

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