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Fortunately, Starlight calms Trixie down and brings her and Thorax into her little group.

Then Discord shows up, and he's pretty miffed that Starlight and co.

He changes his tune when he learns the changelings have his friends hostage (Fluttershy in particular provokes him into anger, guess it's his trigger word).

Starlight then proposes a rather basic plan, sneak into the hive, find Chrysalis' throne, and destroy it, then leave the rest to the magic users.

While walking, Trixie and Discord continue to snip at each other (with Trixie becoming a noticeable snarker) and this leads to the group agreeing on a secret phrase to use if they get seperated to ensure they're who they say they are "klutzy draconequus".

Discord refuses to accept that notion, getting into an arguement with Trixie before finding out his magic can't penetrate into the hive.

Thorax explains that Queen Chrysalis' throne was carved from a stone that absorbs and renders all non changeling magic useless.

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But knowing that Trixie is who she says she is, Starlight uses her to sneak back into the castle where they evasedrop on a conversation between the changeling spys and Queen Chrysalis in her native kingdom.