Questions to ask yourself before dating

Posted by / 17-Dec-2017 21:29

When you’re sitting in a cubicle or working the register next to an attractive person all day, every day, it’s almost inevitable that sparks will fly.Not everyone will act on it, but the thought of romancing a hottie at work has probably passed through nearly every employee’s mind.“Set boundaries around discussing personal matters when you are at work and do the same for discussing work issues while at home,” she suggests.

“Some people really prefer and maybe even feel that they need that codependency, that closeness,” says Fleming.However, if you think about the other person often when you are *not* together, you likely have developed an emotional connection, Kerulis says. Because of the aforementioned "rose-colored glasses" you may wear at work, it's probably a good idea to take a step back and make sure you like this person for who they really are—gold stars and awesome sales number aside. Chances are you have seen that person in their natural, authentic state, says dating coach and matchmaker Bonnie Winston—since you've seen how they act as they handle pressure, deadlines and responsibilities.What happens under those fluorescent office lights makes it a lot easier to see someone clearly than when the lights are dim over a glass of wine. This one may be a given, but it’s important to be aware of your HR policy regarding relationships at work, Kerulis points out.“Your partner can't be on the phone with you [while] paying the bills,” she says.Instead, aim to eliminate distractions and create a fully present connection with each other.

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Your beer-pong partner is telling you to ditch her and devote yourself to a regimen of bars and one night stands.