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Sissy man dating site

It seems that she had gone out in the night and had picked up a few more items that i would be needing.

i showered and watched as my body hair fell to the drain.

Our neighbor, Lisa, noticed us walking past her house and waved.

i waved back at Kim's direction and my ass wiggled as i passed. "Go invite Lisa for some dessert tonight", Kim demanded. Kim drove me to the mall and we stopped at several women's stores to buy clothing.

i was as smooth as a sissy -- a sissy who had tears in his eyes at the realization that this nightmare was only beginning."We're not going to make you look like a woman -- YET! She directed me back to the bedroom where she had laid out the clothing i was to wear for the day.

First she had me put on a pink pair of nylon panties -- these fit me much better than Julie's panties that i wore yesterday.

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i looked at her with pleading eyes not to do this to me -- but i could not resist. you look DIFFERENT today, michael", she said as she inspected my clothing. " i giggled and said yes and told her that we would LOVE to have her over for dessert. "you'll be needing a lot of panties and bras", she said in a mocking way. " In each store i was required to ask for certain items.